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More news on Meltdown Festival

Details for Meltdown Festival tickets:
The Festival Hall box office will be open from 10:00am (13th March) to purchase tickets for the event. Tickets are limited to two per person, and are, I believe, unreserved seats. The phone number is +44 207 9604242, or you can pick them up from the box office in person. The majority of tickets will be availible on-line at the Meltdown website at

If you fail to get tickets there, w.a.s.t.e. have 500 tickets reserved to sell to fans. Details will appear on the official Radiohead website at on Wednesday March 15th- but it will be limited to two tickets per person and a random draw will be carried out if there are more than 250 people wanting tickets. The draw will remain open for a long time after Wednesday, so you won’t be disadvantaged if you enter late. All tickets cost 20 UK pounds each.

Radiohead should be playing a fairly normal length set at the festival (not as long as a normal gig however) – as they are the headliners for the 1st july night. The festival itself, presided over by Scott Walker, will last for a few days and include exhibitions at the Festival Hall. The full line-up will be announced shortly, but both Smog and Jim O’Rourke will also be playing.

After the Meltdown appearance, Radiohead are in the process of finalising more dates around Europe to play. These are *NOT* confirmed yet, however, and could change, but gigs in Dublin, Ireland (in the first few days of July), Italy and Spain, among others are all being looked at. The gigs will be a combination of festival appearances and performances in smaller low-key venues. The band will not be appearing at any other festivals in England this summer, apart from the Meltdown festival.

After the band have finished playing their summer dates, they will start promoting the new album, which will probably be released around September (no date confirmed yet), and will do a more comprehensive tour in early 2001 (including North America).

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