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Unbelievable Truth featuring Jonny Greenwood

The Unbelievable Truth website has been updated with an exlusive download of a UT song featuring Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood.

It was the first song Unbelievable Truth had ever recorded, back in 1993, probably even the first song Andy Yorke ever wrote. Not that much to say about it, really. It was recorded in Nigel’s bedroom, and at the time they were trying to carve a sound like Throwing Muses, or somesuch other jagged Americana. Jim Warren came along to the first part of the recording, which was everything except the electric guitar, with Ken Turner playing the rhythmic acoustic part. The electric part was added by Jonny Greenwood a little while later, Nigel rather enjoyed the interactivity of that session, since he was fading the phasing effect in and out as he played the part. It was on the first demos Unbelievable Truth sent out, but they’d quickly begun moving in a more stripped back acoustic direction, so this song fell from grace quickly.

The address is Check out the update section. (Thanks Marc Gommans)

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