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Thom on tent tour support bands

Thom Yorke made an appearance on the official message board for a short while. When asked he answered which bands will be supporting Radiohead on their tour in September: “probably well change as the tour goes on. its possible we might have two supports. it depends on logistics in the tent. im trying to keep an open mind, see who can fit in where. doesnt help much does it? sigur sent me their album which is really great. theres lots of other possibilities though. are we spreading ourselves a little thin? im surprised about how much im getting to like the broadcast album. its really growing on me. but we want to ask a load of electro people as well. no names really yet.” thom also answered the following message by frouser: i wonder if Thom and Tanya will duet again. his duet with Tanya Donelly with the song Untogether is so cool. i love playing it. thom: “um i doubt it. i loved that song though. bye”

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