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The Pyramid Song video

As you all know, “Pyramid Song” is accompanied by a stunning animation by Shynola, who did some of the Kid A blips. “‘Thom Yorke sent us a very disjointed couple of paragraphs about a dream he’d had about lights in the sky and a load of survivors floating in an aircraft carrier after an unknown disaster or event and we took our inspiration from that,’ explains Shynola’s Jason Groves. ‘It was quite evocative, and it sort of set the mood for the whole promo.'”

The single ‘Pyramid Song’ will be released in the UK (CD1/CD2/12″), Canada, Australia and Japan (one CD) on May 21st. Three brand new tracks : ‘The Amazing Sounds of Orgy’, ‘Trans-atlantic Drawl’ and ‘Kinetic’ will be released on the single. The UK CD1/CD2 and Japanese CD will also contain ‘Fast Track’. [thanks Caffy]

The 5 song ep shipping to college (2 album tracks/3 b-sides) isn’t actually shipping until may 3rd (this friday), presumably going for adds to stations playlists on may 14/15th. [thanks Ned]

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