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Radiohead’s ‘Kinetic’ in Warp Mix

Radiohead’s Kinetic is included on the Warp records Ambient Mix. The tracks comes in at about 02:32. Click here for a real audio stream of the mix. [thanks Ryszka]

Also on the Warp site; Autreche (artist signed to the Warp label) answers fan’s questions. Here are two of them:

1) Bet this is a bit of an annoying question but… ‘How do you feel about Radiohead’s Thom Yorke naming you as a major influence on their recent work and also calling LP5 one of the greatest albums ever made?’ well he’s wrong we’ve done loads better than that. but then it’s only an opinion.

2) what’s this i heard some time ago about you doing something with thom yorke? he got in touch a while ago. he wanted us to tour with them but it wasn’t something we really wanted to do.

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