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Review: 16 Down flashback to Radiohead

16 Down’s ‘Marlboro Flashback to Radiohead’ performance at Cafe Clinique in Maastricht (Netherlands) last night was rather good, although unfortunately the sound was quite bad. Some songs were played a little out of tune, but overall they did a very nice job.
The setlist included: Planet Telex, Permanent Daylight, Karma Police, Airbag, High And Dry, Rabbit In Your Headlight, Pyramid Song, [Nice Dream], Electioneering,
Subterranean Homesick Alien, No Surprises, (encore:) Paranoid Android, Street Spirit [Fade Out], Creep

The highlights of the gig were Airbag, Electioneering, Paranoid Android, Creep and especially Rabbit In Your Headlights, which was performed near perfect. [thanks Marc]

If you get a chance to see them play, don’t hesitate. Check the calendar for dates.

MTV Netherlands will re-broadcast the 1-hour ‘Radiohead : Played In Full’ special. The show starts at 19:00 CET. [thanks Marc]

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