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Review: “Subliminal Messages: A Radiohead Ballet”

Louis Nassetta went to the Radiohead ballet in Eugene, Oregon USA, finding it very odd, but also interesting and very entertaining at the same time. Here’s the songlist: Paranoid Android | You And Whose Army | Like Spinning Plates | Optimistic | Pyramid Song | No Surprises | Dollars And Cents | In Limbo | Life In A Glass House | The Amazing Sounds of Orgy | How I Made My Millions. It’s pretty kinky and twisted. The actresses all had little bear ears. Overall, very entertaining and a trip to me because I love every one of the songs. Click here for a full review.

Check out this interview in Kludge Magazine with Kid Koala where he mentions, among other things, hanging out and playing bust a groove with Jonny. Jonny, of course, always wins, being the dance machine he is. [thanks Shibumi]

BBC America will rerun ‘Radiohead: A Little Later’ on May 18th, 19th and 20th. And a reminder: tomorrow’s the Saturday Night Live repeat on Comedy Central.Check the calendar for times.

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