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Stereophonics on Radiohead

In a Hot Press interview (note: Hot Press is a very good Irish magazine, the only fiercely anti-Radiohead person being the guy that did this interview, Stuart Clark)

As a fellow subject – and Sabbath obsessive – I have to say, “No, it bleedin’ ain’t!” Now that we’ve got them warmed up, have the boys changed their views vis à vis Radiohead and other monstrously rich bands who whine on about how awful and corrupt the music industry is?

“While cashing their latest royalty cheque?” Kelly Jones inquires. “We can all relate to that video – y’know, having to do a hundred fucking idents for radio stations – but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to walk round and be a miserable twat to everybody. Which is what Thom Yorke is mostly. I’ve seen him at festivals looking like the world’s about to end.”

“I suspect that Thom Yorke was a moany bastard long before Radiohead,” Stuart Cable opines. “The business only changes you if you let it. They can step off the treadmill any time they want. If being in Stereophonics was effecting our sanity that much, we’d tell V2, ‘Sorry lads, we’re off on holiday’.”

“With them, you can tell they’ve never had a proper job,” is Richard Jones’ contribution to the debate. “We had to work for money, whereas they’re from well-to-do-families. They never had to get up at 7.30 in the morning and do shit. Or if they did, it was probably a part-time job so they could go off skiing with their mates at Christmas. Believe me, coming from our background, being in a band is the best fucking job in the world!” [thanks uptight]

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