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Buzzcocks’ Devoto & Rolling Stone on Radiohead

Howard Devoto, former singer of Buzzcoks and Magazine talked about Radiohead in an interview at

So what about Radiohead? “‘Creep’ – well, great. And ‘Karma Police’- ditto. I didn’t connect with O K Computer otherwise. But Kid A and Amnesiac got me interested in Radiohead again. And ‘Pyramid Song’ is just fantastic. I’m in tears every time”.
Howard devoto recorded an album with Pete Shelley, Buzzcocks former guitar player, Shelly Devoto. it’s called Buzzkunst!

Rolling Stone have their own opinions about Radiohead’s views on Naomi Klein’s ‘No Logo’. Here is a part of the Well Hung At Dawn column on’s website. They’re reporting from the Reading fes. and are looking at t-shirts.: ” We also see one that says “No Logo” on the back. Not sure what was on the front. Probably a fucking Radiohead logo.” [thanks Josh R]

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