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Jonny & Ed on the first week of recording

Ed & Jonny made an appearance at the official message board again last night. The band are still in Los Angeles, recording tracks for their new album. According to Jonny it was a good first week. Jonny: “Lots of stuff at least recorded, just got to work out what it is we’ve done. Played glock (Glockenspiel, AE) all day…and guitar all yesterday. Kazoo tomorrow. Everyone’s v. happy and we’ve started new songs every day. It’s been a good start.”

On Los Angeles, Jonny said: “LA’s nice enough. Could do with a car….. most common shop signs in Hollywood: 1 – ‘100 head shots $ 95’, 2 – ‘scripts copied’. Ed: ” the lengths that u go to ….. la is just fine …. went for a walk at sunset and surveyed the scene from dante’s peak”.

Ed on his current music favourites: “I’ve been listening to loads of reggae but my absolutely fave album of the year by a mile is original pirate material by the streets ..”

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