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Radiohead fans: sick freaks?

Found this in the Guardian, where the author of the article compares Manchester United and Leeds united fans: “And I’ll probably finish by explaining that so many people hate “trendy” Man United (because they’re “trendy”) that it has now become “trendy” to hate Man Utd. In fact Man Utd haters are like Radiohead fans – sick freaks who are only happy when they listen to music which makes then sad. Which means that Leeds fans are, by definition, weird perverts”. [from the guardian]

Music columnist Ken Basin lists his favourite albums, year by year. 1997: Radiohead, OK Computer. As trendy as it has become to love Radiohead, I readily admit that I am one of the masses who waits expectantly for anything Thom Yorke wishes to grace the rest of the world with. OK Computer is my favorite of these gifts, blending the sounds of the past (“Electioneering”), present (“Karma Police”) and future (“Paranoid Android”) into a work I’d call nothing short of genius. [from the daily trojan]

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