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The Promise Ring on Radiohead & working with Nigel Godrich

The Promise Ring have seen the release of their new album Wood/Water bring them new media attention and scores of new fans. The Promise RIng did an interview with Kludge magazine and Radiohead & producer Nigel Godrich were mentioned:

Do you think the recent rise of bands like Radiohead have made the industry liberalize much? No not at all. I think the music business is getting less liberal. Radiohead is a fluke, they just wrote an amazing record and they’re an amazing band. There isn’t another Radiohead. There can’t be. Lightning doesn’t strike twice. It’s not all of a sudden there’s this big floodgate of “Prog rock” bands, or modern Prog rock or whatever you want to classify Radiohead as. It’s not like there’s a whole bunch of bands that are as good as Radiohead that all of a sudden labels want to get into. That’s not going to happen it’s going to be constructed pop songs like the American Idol stuff or its going to be like whatever else is popular right now, you know. There’s never going to be a point where it’s all of a sudden like really thoughtful artistic bands, “Let’s sign them,” you know? Radiohead was absolutely a fluke like that, they just happen to be totally amazing.

But wouldn’t you agree that Radiohead has opened the door for bands like Sigur Ros? Yeah, I could see that, but I think it’s also the people that listen to music. It gets to a point where they’re kind of sick what’s out there. Obviously people are sick of the nu-metal constructed pop stuff of like ‘N Sync and want something else. As one falls something rises you know? So it just so happens to be that certain stuff. I don’t think just because Kid A and OK Computer or any of the Radiohead stuff was all of sudden just opening anything.

Davey: Kid A, especially here, is not a big record. It might as well be an indie release.

Except for Beck, see like Beck is just such a great musician, that because of his past success he can do whatever the fuck he wants. He obviously is and that’s amazing.

Do you think you guys would ever work with Godrich? I think so, possibly. I think especially after hearing that. I mean, just like OK Computer, I especially listened to that and now listening to the stuff that they’re doing without him, how much of that record was Nigel. It’s all about the band. Like Beck, how much of that record was Beck? You have to take into consideration the genius of the people who are actually making the music. But I would like to work with him because he sounds great and can do some good work. [full story, thanks Peter]

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