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Beck & Flaming Lips cover Radiohead

At the Beck and Flaming Lips concert on nov. 14 in fort worth they did a cover of “Creep”. After playing “Loser” Beck talked about how some artists don’t like to play their first big hit because they feel they’re past it. “but i still feel like it’s still a part of you” he said or something like that. Then wayne told beck how he recently saw radiohead and they refused to played creep and they talked about radiohead for a little bit. Beck stopped in the middle of “already dead” and started playing creep, the lips joined in and they played a wonderful rendition to the delite of everyone there. After that wayne told beck that radiohead doesn’t have to play creep anymore cos beck can do it for them. The Flaming Lips have covered ‘Knives Out’ on their recent live shows (A very different version with no guitar. They also changed the rythmn of the song, which was driven by more of a “trip-hop” drum beat and chords being played on the keyboard. As well as Moby who plays Creep pretty often lately [thanks chris, greg, allison, jeff, roy, marc]

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