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Chris Blair on Radiohead

In an article taken from Abbey Road studios magazine ‘Playback’, Chris Blair tells about his work at the Abbey Road studios: “What I am doing here is normally attended by the artists or the producer or the record company. It’s the final bit where you piece the whole album together and normally someone has firm ideas about how they want it – but they are usually open to suggestions from me. I can come up with ideas that they haven’t even thought of.” He’s worked with practically everyone in the business from Queen to Pink Floyd to the Beatles. Ask him though who his favourite people to work with are and you’ll get a surprise. Blair is not locked into nostalgia. “The Radiohead guys are very nice”. Radiohead do however occupy a special place in Blair’s heart, if only for the colossal number of reels of half inch they will bring to a session. “On one Radiohead album I did they brought in 122 reels instead of the 6 that most people work with. That was pretty daunting.” [full story, thanks Boobear]

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