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Moby on Radiohead

Here’s a mention of Radiohead in Australian newspaper, Melbourne’s Herald Sun between interviewer Cameron Adams and Moby today. [thanks scott]

CA – What can you tell us about your cover band, Camp Freddy?
M – It’s comprised of Slash and Duff from Guns N’ Roses and I’m playing guitar
on a cover of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love and Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz, with
Perry Farrell singing. It’s very rock.
CA – Are there any other covers up your sleeve?
M – I might do Radiohead’s Creep
CA – Is it quite a faithful version?
M – It’s actually pretty faithful, with me singing. Obviously my voice is
nothing like Thom Yorke’s, so it is very much a second-rate version compared to
Radiohea’s, but it’s still fun to play.
CA – Well they don’t play it, so someone should reclaim it…
M – That’s one of the reasons we decided to do it.

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