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Leaked MP3’s are unmastered material

It seems that the mp3’s from the new album are not the final versions. A moderator at CMJ magazine’s forums, tomcmj, has said “got this in the office on friday afternoon (i think it’s mastered; usually an unmastered advance will say so on it, and this one doesn’t). been listening to it all weekend. as expected, it’s really good. i’ll have to listen to it more before saying where it’ll fall in my radiohead preference order.” and then “oh guys also, i just downloaded the version that’s on the net. chicagomike is right, that’s not mastered. don’t judge the record by that; those are different, unmastered mixes from what appears on the final version of the record. the record sounds a LOT better than that. guess studio security ain’t quite what it should be these days. ” [thanks Questionman]

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