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More on Radiohead’s NY show

To further fuel the rumors on Radiohead’s NY show, another source confirms that the festival will be taking place at Calverton Enterprise Park in Riverhead, LI. This is the same location where Creamfields tried to mount a US show a few years back. The show has been greenlighted by the town board, although there is some community opposition and the promoters still need to secure certain permits (police, fire, etc…). Likely, the show will be able to go ahead as planned, although a second festival scheduled in August (Bonaroo North) will be dependent on the success of the first.

From the East Hampton Independent: NYMF would be allowed to begin to occupy the site on May 5 until June 22. The multi-day event is slated for June 6 through 8. A crowd of 80,000 will be the maximum capacity, with 40,000 to 80,000 people expected each day. Many people are expected to be camping at the event.

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