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More Hail to the Thief promotion

A load of A4 size cards went up all over Islington, North London yesterday promoting HTTT. They look like those ads for people to lose weight/quit smoking/work from home etc and are similar to the bills that appeared in LA a few weeks back.

The text reads:

HUNGRY? SICK? Begging for a break? SWEET? FRESH? Would you do anything? WE SUCK YOUNG BLOOD WE WANT SWEET MEATS WE WANT YOUNG BLOOD 0870 9023184

The number gives you a Fitter Happier voice reading out a list of options, One is leave a message for the past, one is leave a message for the future, one is listen to music etc etc.

In California, USA there were even airplanes spotted trailing an advert for “Hail To The Thief” behind it!

[thanks Bruce, Rob, Nada]

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