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Ed & Thom interview at Mondosonoro

There’s an interview with Thom and Ed at Mondosonoro. Here are some translated bits and pieces:

On “Hail to the thief” we knew exactly what to do, keep the power, a positive album, positive music”. Ed: “Sometimes we forget how to be direct”. Thom: “Everything longer that 3 minutes is a crime. So we are out.”

Ed: “It happens to many groups similar to us. They begin making 3-minutes songs and then start making 5-minutes songs. They loose their capacity of making songs. On Pablo Honey and The Bends we had that discipline of making short songs”

Thom: “It was when we started listening kraut rock and all that, but we took 6 month of spare time after Amnesiac. At the beach I did not listen to any music but The Beatles. I dont want to make a Beatles album, but something more simple.

You seem always so sad and existencialist. But you are funny people and you are always laughing. Why dont you show it on your songs? Thom: “I find them funny… or not..shit its true! It is a very good question. We should do that for the next songs”

[thanks Sergio]

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