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W/C: This one’s optimistic

Radiohead’s management have said that the situation regarding Warner Chappell has now been resolved. Warner Chappell will be issuing yearly free licenses from now on allowing all the fan websites, like to use lyrics as before. Letters will be going out detailing this in the next few days.
At the moment Warner Chappell have not contacted on the license. The last e-mail from Mr. Olsen at Warner Chappell included the following:

Due to some of the backlash that has resulted from the e-mails I sent out yesterday, I will be having a telephone conference call later this morning with the Managing Director of our London office and the head of our Business Affairs Dept. Given the reasonable nature of your request, I will ask this group for their opinion and potential approve so you can legally do what you have asked to do.

In the meantime there are some stories available on the web regarding this matter. Besides the earlier reported story from Internet Magazine (UK), there are some available at (Netherlands), (Germany), (Canada), (Sweden) & (Netherlands), (Netherlands), Journal Du Net (France), FD Centre, & Pitchfork Media (USA) LawMeme (USA).

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