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Thom & Jonny at Electric Lady Studios

Thom & Jonny performed two sessions of an acoustic set at Electric Lady studios for about 75 people. It was so moving, that Thom appeared to have a few tears and went backstage for a moment. It was very emotional, very powerful. “I Will” was a thrill to hear as well.

The second session had an encore with Neil Young’s ‘After The Goldrush’– False start, Thom kicks Jonny off stage, doesn’t allow him to play along with it promising he’ll let him back to play another one. Thom stops in middle of the song, starts again saying “ I AM gonna finish it!” After he is done, person in crowd yells, “Saved us some time… You missed the Getting High verse!” Thom replies, “Never get the lyrics off the internet and not bother to look at them before the show…”

At the end of the perfromance there was a Q&A with the full band. They all were in high spirits, and dang it if Thom wasn’t smiling broadly. The only negative part was the lack of interesting questions, and the mic hogs. Unfortunately people felt they should stay on the mic and drag on the questions. The Band confirmed Stephen Malkmus for first half of North American Tour and Supergrass for the 2nd Leg. Bothe setlists are available in the gigography. [thanks sensitiveeyes, chris & patrick]

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