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Radiohead at the Hultsfred Festival

Radiohead played at the Hultsfred Festival last night. A set that was partially broadcast on Swedish television. Thom was in a really good mood even though they had lots of problems with the sound (at one point Thom got so annoyed by the feedback from his acoustic that he said ‘hello?’ into it). My Iron Lung: “Hah! Now we’re gonna play this one!” Kid A was introduced as “dance music” in a very posh accent. This version was much rockier than the 2000 tour version and hence a lot better. They crossed out songs for the first encore were Myxomatosis (they played Just) and Fake plastic trees (they played Street Spirit). The first half of Hunting bears was played after the National Anthem. Karma Police was played last instead of How To Disappear. I think it was because Thom was in a crowd pleasing mood. And he mixed up the words to the third(?) verse (“karma police arrest this… ‘mumble’ given it all I can”). Note the new setlist font. [thanks Tom & Henrik]

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