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There’s an interview with Eisley at with a lot of Radiohead content. Here are some bits: All of the DuPree kids really connected with their parents’ record collection, but it was when then-14-year-old Chauntelle stumbled across Radiohead’s OK Computer that they became truly inspired. “The thing that stuck out to me was the guitar stuff,” she said. “They were just so off-the-wall. I hadn’t heard anything like it before.” There’s perhaps only one thing Boyd and Kim DuPree didn’t prepare their children for — and that’s a (seemingly inevitable) run-in with their ultimate musical heroes.

“We always have these fun conversations about what we would say [if we met Radiohead],” Weston said. “We think about it a lot actually,” Sheri said. “We’re pretty obsessed with Radiohead.”

“We had some friends that ran into them and like, choked, and didn’t say anything,” Weston said. “What would you say? Obviously it’s not like you are going to be doing Thom Yorke any good … so we might as well just say whatever to make ourselves feel better.”

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