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An interview from the Independent with Jonny Greenwood on the ´Bodysong´soundtrack is available online: Having pitched a few ideas to the director, Greenwood set about creating pieces to fit various sequences with Graeme Stewart, the engineer on the Kid A and Amnesiac sessions. “It was done in the same studio, with all the same instruments lying around, and some of the techniques we learnt for those albums are reproduced here, I’m sure,” he says. “There was a lot of music to provide: the film doesn’t have any dialogue in it, just music and images for an hour and 20 minutes. It was great not to have to leave room for dialogue, and not to have the musicians playing to click-tracks, just so they could fit in exactly with a car chase or what-ever, which I guess is true of traditional film music. Instead, I could just do three or four minutes of music in whatever mood, and people could play in free time – and occasionally, Simon Pummell would even edit the film to the length of the music, which was a real luxury.

“The trouble with that freedom was that I couldn’t really repeat themes, as you can in a traditional film – because obviously, the music for someone giving birth wouldn’t sound great being reprised for a shooting or a fight later on. So there’s no repetition in it.”
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A new review is available at the Online Star. Read it here.

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