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Pitchfork reviewed Jonny Greenwood’s ‘Bodysong’ today: If Radiohead’s Hail to the Thief suffered from being too scatterbrained, Greenwood’s Bodysong– composed for the nominal British documentary which details the “experience of being human”– strikes a perfect balance, channeling all his diverse influences into a single multifarious recording. The album’s opener, “Moon Trills”, marries pensive and melancholy piano chords reminiscent of Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song” with swarming frenetic string swells, and weepy Ondes-Martenot accompaniment suggestive of the late French composer Olivier Messiaen’s Ondes pieces, while “Splatter” comfortably melds together a frenzied Charles Mingus-inspired bass riff, a DJ Shadow-esque funk break, and Ornette Coleman-styled horn blurts. [read it in full, thanks Robb & Doug]

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