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There’s an interview with Colin Greenwood, published in the ‘Scotland of Sunday’ today. Some bits from that interview: And here are some clues as to where Radiohead are ‘at’ right now. The guitar-lite, techno-ambient soundscapes Jonny Greenwood created for Bodysong date from the period prior to the recording of Hail To The Thief. They could be the last hurrah for the jazzy atmospherics of the Kid A and Amnesiac days. ‘Idioteque’, meanwhile, bloomed from its rather rigid recording on Amnesiac into a kind of kinetic punk-electronics on Radiohead’s 2000-2001 world tour. It ended up becoming the pivotal track on the live album I Might Be Wrong.
This year, the same has been happening with ‘The Gloaming’. “When you’re in the studio you’re focused on certain things and where you’re going,” Greenwood says. “Later on, on tour, you realise the other ways that songs can go. So now ‘The Gloaming’ is different every night.”

After their UK arena shows this month, the band head off to Europe before winding up for the year on December 5. Colin Greenwood’s baby is due on December 11. Guitarist Ed O’Brien – the only other currently childless member of the band – is also ‘expecting’, in January.

“There’s a lot of pressure on me and Ed to deliver a girl,” grins Greenwood, the excitable bass player even more hyper than normal. “Phil [Selway, drummer] has three boys, and Thom and Jonny both have boys. Whoever has the first girl will be very popular with the other band members.”

Are Radiohead having baby-induced time off in the New Year? “Yeah, two months, then we go to Japan and Australia. We’ll finally finish in the spring. Then we’ll work on songs. The plan is try to record for the sake of the songs rather than the sake of an album – no deadline or anything, just having fun.”
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