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Ed, Colin & Thom were interviewed on MTV2’s ‘Subterranean’ last night. A selection of seven videos were played from ‘Stop Whispering’ to ‘Go To Sleep’. Some highlights from the interview:

– Ed realized he and the rest of the band haven’t appeareed in a video since High & Dry except for the
ill-fated making of Let Down

-Thom explained that at the end of the recent European leg of the HTTT tour the crew asked him when he was gonna change the set list because they were so bored by it. Thom said he now changes it more often in fear of the crew.

-Colin said on his iPod are Cody Chestnut and the new Outkast. Thom added that Outkast’s single “Hey Yeah” is the song of the year hands down by a long shot.

-Thom explained song swapping on the internet doesn’t explain recent record sales decline. He says the
record companies are using it as an excuse when in fact nobody wants to buy the crappy music out today. He also said that indie record stores are getting price gouged by the larger chains so they can’t survive. also, the music buying experience in large stores is terrible, so it’s no wonder customers are fed up and resort to file swapping. Thom ended the rant buy saying the record companpanies felt free to call their customers crooks and blame the parents while at the same time it was fine that huge companies like Clear Channel can own the whole fucking country and the whole music scene. [thanks Doug]

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