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‘OK COMPUTER #1 ALBUM OF THE 90’S’ named OK Computer the #1 album of the 90’s. The Bends ended up at the 15th in their top 100 of the 90’s: “Modern thinking has led to debates and revisionism over the effect of tracks like “Electioneering” and “Fitter Happier” on OK Computer’s importance, as if removing “Turd on the Run” and “Pet Sounds” would somehow make Exile on Main Street and Pet Sounds five-and-a-half-star albums. What’s interesting in the case of “Electioneering” is that, at the time, it stood as the one track most similar to the beautiful guitar rackets of “Just”, “Creep”, and “My Iron Lung”. The band even performed the song on The Tonight Show upon the album’s release. Beyond its political intent, the song could have fit easily on Radiohead’s two previous albums.” Read more at Pitchfork. [thanks Lindsay, Nate, Doug, PartingoftheWaves, David]

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