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Ballet with Radiohead score in UK

The Merce Cunningham ballet scored by Radiohead is set to come to the UK. Earlier this year the band and Sigur Rós put together the improvised soundtrack for ‘Split Sides’, and performed it live at the show’s premiere in New York in October. The ballet is now set to come to the London Barbican in October 2004, although a spokesperson for Radiohead told the group probably won’t be playing live. Instead, the show will use a remixed soundtrack of the material recorded in New York.
The Sun reported that “The show is very moving and the band are chuffed to be involved. They say they would love to perform live in London if their diary permits. Merce loves their music and is one of the most renowned guys in his field. This show should be very big.”
Barbican head of theatre, Louise Jefferys, said if Radiohead did play live she would expect them to bring in a big new audience of dance and rock fans. She said: “We are all really excited to be presenting this work which brings together the dance icon Merce Cunningham with pop icons Radiohead. “It is a unique collaboration which will attract a diverse audience. It is a wonderful and intriguing work we are proud to have co-commissioned.” [from & the sun]

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