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Bodysong reviews in Japan Times & Sunday Times

There’s a review of Jonny’s Bodysong soundtrack in the Japan Times: “He demonstrates a real talent for Arvo Part-like modalities in the pieces for string quartet, and his free-jazz ideas wouldn’t embarrass Ornette Coleman. But the real revelation is his use of rhythm.” [full review in Japan Times]

The culture section of today’s Sunday Times reviewed the album as well: “PROFUNDITY OF THE WEEK – Birth. Life. Crap. Horror. Old age. Death. Why bother? Ugh. Whatever. Hmm, can’t wait for Bodysong 2. Bodysong, 18, 82 mins, Human cells. Squirming tadpoles. Conception. Embryos. Little heads, little fingers. Plonk, plink – sombre piano music from that bloke in Radiohead (Johnny [sic] Greenwood). Split screens. Pregnant woman in bath. Women in labour. Babies emerging from the – oh, dear, I think I’m going to faint. The writer/director Simon Pummell has taken images from newsreels, cinema and home movies and tried to say something big about the human condition: it’s a bit Desmond Morris goes avant-garde. Here are smiling African babies! Cut to Victorian tots having fun. Here comes the sex bit. Oh, dear, images of horror and human suffering, Nazi Germany, Vietnam, mushroom cloud, death, silence – the end. – Cosmo Landesman

Overall rating – “1 star – So-so” [thanks Rachel]

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