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MGF were offered to open for Radiohead

Machine Gun Fellatio’s recent US visit involved a flattering offer to open for Radiohead at Madison Square Garden – an offer eventually overruled by Radiohead’s record company – and an unfortunate encounter with a mechanical bull. “The whole Radiohead thing put me in a crazy mood,” says von Loopin Stab. “To be honest, there was quite a lot of alcohol and possibly a lot of rock cocaine involved, too. I was just on a bender and there was this cowboy bar on Sunset Boulevard. “So we go in there and I’m completely off my tits. Invincible. I’m feeling 100 feet tall. So I decide to ride the mechanical bull. I didn’t know at the time, but I’d chipped the top off my collar bone and there were all these fragments sticking straight into my muscle.” [from]

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