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Hail to the Thief ranked 15th best album on Rolling Stone Magazine’s 50 best
Albums of 2003
: “Hail wasn’t exactly Radiohead’s anticipated return to rock; instead, the band simply turns down the volume on the electronics and lets the songwriting drift to less chaotic, more atmospheric realms. But on the singles “There, There” and “Go to Sleep,” the album comes into scary focus: guitars swell to arena-worthy crescendos, supporting songs that demand repeated exposure to reveal themselves. And on this past summer’s tour, Radiohead proved again that they’re the best band in the world.” [thanks Lina]

In Mexican magazine ‘Switch’ Radiohead is nr. 10 in top 10 of best bands in the world. Also OK Computer reached the 2nd place of best albums in the world, and Hail to the thief was the 4th best album of the year. [thanks Jime]

Hail to the Thief was voted #1 album of 2003 by the listeners of 90.3 KEXP Seattle. [thanks Louis, Charles]

M 80, radio station in Spain, lists There There at #19, on their best songs of 2003 list. [thanks lancaster]

Radiohead’s ‘There, There’ made it to #32 on Edge 102’s Top 102 of 2003 list. [thanks Lina]

And then there’s MTV2 Rock Videos of the Year Countdown with ‘There There’ at number 9. Radiohead was #5 on the mtv2 program “22 greatest bands” and Thom Yorke was #18 on the “22 greatest voices” program. [thanks Joseph & Ron]

If you still want to influence Chart Attack’s End-of-the-year poll, you’re lucky. Due to some technical glitches they’ve decided to keep it up for a few extra days. The poll will close, for real, on midnight this Wednesday (January 7).

HTTT is listed somewhere at as well.

The Chicago Tribune made a list of the best live music from 2003: Radiohead’s Alpine Valley (Aug. 23) show was fifth in the list: “The British art-rockers once again transformed the forbidding computer experiments of their recent albums into concert drama. Singer Thom Yorke mocked his reputation for sullenness, dancing giddily as his bandmates demonstrated that electronic music can rock, too. Yorke winked his way through “You and Whose Army”: “Come on if you think you can take us on,” he challenged. He had the right to feel a little cocky on this night.”

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