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And even more ‘End-of-the-year’ lists…

In an end-of-year poll, the readers of the Danish music magazine Gaffa gave Radiohead second place in the categories “Foreign band of the year” and “Foreign album of the year” (Blur won both those categories), while Thom Yorke took third place in the “Foreign singer of the year” category , which was topped by David Bowie followed by John Mayer. Radiohead also took fourth place in the category “Foreign live artist of the year”. [thanks Søren]

Radiohead come in at #1 in the Anemic Magazine’s Top 50 albums of 2003. Radiohead also won ‘band of the year’ in the 2003 Anemic Awards.

Polish site published their top ten albums of the year 2003. [thanks TaZ]

In the news tribune newspaper of Tacoma, Washington, there was a list on the
best live shows of the year, Radiohead was #1! [thanks melissa]

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