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‘Hail To The Thief’ has appeared in yet more end-of-year lists:

#6 in X-Ray’s Top 50 Albums of the Year: “Thom Yorke actually has a sense of humour: X-Ray witnessed him laughing three times this summer. Indeed, everyone’s favourite miserablists called this their “optimistic” album. “It shows a renewed faith in some kind of future,” said bassist Colin Greenwood. And at one million sales so far, it’s performing considerably better than any album since the four million-selling OK Computer. Things going a bit too well? Don’t worry, Radiohead will soon stick a spoke in.”

#9 in NME’s Top 50 Albums of the Year: “Billed prior to release by that scamp Thom Yorke as ‘OK Computer 2’ and widely regarded as their political album, in reality – beyond the Bush-baiting title – neither really panned out. Instead, it was simply another great Radiohead album. Densely foreboding, ‘Hail To The Thief’ was equal parts sublime songwriting and electronic experimentation. It was no giant leap forward, but still more than enough. Best track: ‘Where I End And You Begin’.”

#10 in Bang magazine’s Top 10 Albums of 2003: “The only thing wrong with this album was that it arrived 20 years too late to serve as a soundtrack for the film of George Orwell’s 1984. Yorke’s identification with Orwell’s anti-hero Winston Smith was made explicit by the title ‘2+2=5’ (the equation with which Party invigilator O’Brien showed to Winston his, and humanity’s, impotence). A hymn for the passengers of a hijacked planet.”

#12 in The Guardian Guide’s Top 20 Albums of 2003: “Guitars! Less muttering! Jubilation was in the wind as Hail To The Thief emerged, jubilation that as time has passed has started to look slightly premature. Whatever, here was a record at least in parts adventurous and genuinely thrilling, even if perversity occasionally seemed to be lurking outside the door.”

‘There There’ was also #6 in The Guardian Guide’s Top 10 Singles of 2003.

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