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Full band version of Follow Me Around on Q’s playlist

In the new February issue of Q magazine, Radiohead’s ‘Follow me around’ is featured on their ‘What’s on our iPod’ list.

This version is actually a ‘full band’ version produced by Radiohead fan Pawel Osmolski. The song was posted on the At Ease MB for the first time and has found its way on the internet.

Pawel, who posts on the message board as ‘devilhood’ says: “The mix started off as being an experiment, just to see what I could add to the KROQ performance. I figured that if it’s just Thom and his acoustic, I could easily build something from that. Only Thoms vocals and acoustic guitar were left un-touched to a certain degree, I had to edit them so that it was at a set tempo. The whole mix was produced at home using a MIDI/Audio editing suite called Cubase SX2, I used Wavelab for mastering and a V-Amp effects pedal for guitar amp simulation.”

Pawel recorded the mix for the fans: “I didn’t expect it to become so popular, the feedback response I got from it was overwhelming and I very much appreciate all the comments and e-mails I have recieved because of it. If Thom gets round to hearing it and likes it, I’d hope that this would maybe inspire him to finish the track, either way I’m sure fans would love an official release of it, whether it’s full-band or a live take.”

At the moment Pawel Osmolski is working on a mix of ‘Big Boots’. “I should probably have it finished in a couple of weeks or so. Unfortunately I don’t have a vocal track to work with on this mix, but I’m hoping I’ll find a work-around eventually.”

Listen to new Follow me Around.

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