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The Darkness slam ‘boring’ Radiohead

The Darkness have slammed Radiohead – their main rivals at this year’s Brit Awards – by calling them boring. Guitarist Dan Hawkins told Netzeitung that Radiohead couldn’t hold up to the stage antics of his brother Justin.

He said: “Most of these modern bands are so unbearably serious they leave me cold. Radiohead are totally boring. “The world needs a showman like Justin who puts on his monkey outfit and entertains people. I haven’t bought anything by these modern bands in a while. They’re all wet rags.”

Hawkins added: “Bands like Radiohead are great for our business, of course, because there’s been a total Radiohead-isation of the British music scene. Coldplay, Turin Brakes, Starsailor – all of these groups have put together their selection from the Radiohead menu.” [from ananova, thanks Dermot, Espen & Ivan]

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