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Bodysong reviewed in Billboard

Jonny Greenwood’s Bodysong got a review in Billboard: “While composing music to accompany the dialogue-free tour of the human experience that is the film “Bodysong,” Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood made a decision. Since the images themselves did not repeat, why should any of the soundtrack? Indeed, there are no recurring themes to be found here. Rather, Greenwood (with assistance from the Emperor String Quartet on several cuts) indulges Radiohead’s most experimental leanings on a series of concise pieces. Strings buzz behind a solemn melody on “Moon Trills,” while gauzy processed tones conjure an ominous vibe on “Clockwork Tin Soldiers.” Uppity percussion is the sole force at work on “Convergence,” while electric bass battles a banjo on “24 Hour Charleston.” “The Bends” this is not, but Radiohead fans will revel in an unvarnished peek at Greenwood’s musical mind-set.”

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