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Radiohead in Mojo Readers Poll results

The March 2004 issue of Mojo magazine features the results of the Mojo Readers’ Poll 2003: Artist Of The Year – #2 Radiohead, Album Of The Year – #2 Hail To The Thief, Hero Of The Year – #6 Thom Yorke, Event Of The Year – #1 Glastonbury 2003 (Radiohead headlined on the second day), #8 the Radiohead ‘Hail To The Thief’ tour, Mojo Magazine Cover Of The Year – #4 Mojo Issue 117 – Radiohead.

The April 2004 issue of Q magazine lists The 50 Best Music Videos Ever. Radiohead’s video for ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’ was placed at #26:

“Plot: Taking the band out to the Californian desert, director Jonathan Glazer used a photosonics ultra-slow-motion camera for some woozy trickery. So, Jonny jumps into a caravan watched by the others in real time. Thom jumps slowly over a stick that another Thom is speedily waving above the ground. Gorgeous and genuinely perplexing.

“Behind the scenes: Thom’s backwards jump off the trailer roof was onto a craftily edited-out safety mattress.”

The ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’ video is available on the recently-released ‘7 Television Commercials’ DVD. [thanks Mark]

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