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“Hail to the Thief is not a Meisterwerk”

Those Australians are really looking forward to those Radiohead shows in April. From the Sydney Morning Herald: “Hail to the Thief is not a Meisterwerk. Probably the least contentious of these arguments, because Radiohead has always had its detractors, but here goes: can’t knock The Bends (even if it is the greatest riff-rock record Queen never made). Can’t knock OK Computer (even if Pink Floyd want their templates back). Can’t knock Kid A and Amnesiac (even if they were much less experimental than all those critics thought). But Hail to the Thief is the sound of a band noodling. It’s a jam session record, self-consciously muso, pointlessly show-offy. If this fails to annoy people, go with: “Norah Jones is Sade without the looks or talent.”

Actually, this was part of ‘Dinner Party Topics’ … guaranteed to decrease your chances of being invited over again. [thanks Alex]

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