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Yorke’s finger sold for £248

Thom Yorke’s middle finger sensationally turned up on online auction site eBay last week. Radiohead fans desperate to get hold of the digit went in a bidding frenzy until it finally sold minutes ago for a staggering £248. However, on closer inspection, this “pretty unique item of Radiohead memorabilia” seems to have startlingly metallic properties and odd bronze colouring for a piece of frontman flesh.

Measuring at just over two inches high, the finger is in fact the infamous middle digit from the singer’s NME Award, which he broke off during the February 12 ceremony because it was “offensive”.

Following the band winning awards for Best Album and Best Video, Yorke and guitarist Jonny Greenwood made their way backstage to give interviews, when the singer snapped his trophy. Greenwood then followed suit.

The seller, George Bagilhole, believes that the item is definitely the fragment of Yorke’s award, stating: “My friend saw him breaking the finger off against a wall and picked it up after he walked off.” [from]

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