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Radiohead turn down ‘Creep’ cover request

Radiohead have turned a request by David Wrench to release a cover of ‘Creep’ on his ‘World War IV’ EP. Because of this, the anti-war EP will not be released. David Wrench seems to be disappointed and posted this on his website:

Due to Radiohead banning the cover of creep, the world war IV ep has been withdrawn. We approached Thom Yorke of the band in Manchester to ask why permission was not allowed, but all he did was get angry and started shouting “do you know how hard I work?”, well probably quite hard Mr Yorke, but then again so does everyone else I know, and for a fraction of the pay and satisfaction you get out of work. We genuinely believed that Radiohead would have given permission for use of their song on an anti war ep, but they work far too hard apparently. FAKE PLASTIC POP STARS.

[thanks Come Louder]

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