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John Mayer on his ‘Kid A’ cover

John Mayer talks about his ‘Kid A’ cover to VH1: “‘Kid A’ is this little funny thing that happened while we were making [2001’s] Room for Squares,” Mayer explained of his Radiohead cover. “John Alagia, who was producing the record, had to go away for the weekend. So myself and Jeff Juliano, the engineer, just started messing around. I tooled up this version of ‘Kid A’ because I love the song, I really do. And within an hour and a half or two hours, it was all done.”

Where Radiohead’s version of the title track from their 2000 album is an amalgam of looped beats and electronic tones, Mayer rendered his take acoustically, demonstrating his versatility and dexterity as a guitar player. Another fundamental difference is that on Mayer’s track, the lyrics can actually be understood. [thanks Pat]

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