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Phil and Ed on New Zealand TV3 News

Phil and Ed were in New Zealand to do some interviews, including one for the New Zealand TV3 News tonight (Tuesday 20th). They talked about past tours and both said they were very sorry for not playing in New Zealand this year, because there were no suitable (large) venues for them to play, and recognized that the country gave them their 1st gold record outside the US.
On the next tour they would try to give themselves more time, so they can play more concerts and promised they would ‘repay’ New Zealand next time they could.
Phil mentioned that, even though their record contract had expired, he was “confident that (they) would be making a new album”. Ed talked about his son, and how that’s changed his perspective on the band. They also said they’re pretty much taking the rest of the year off from recording. The reporter said not to expect a new album until late next year. [thanks Adrian, Servilcat & Rich]

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