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14 Things that Disturb and Alienate Thom Yorke

Spin Magazine had a list entitled “Fourteen Things that Disturb and Alienate Thom Yorke”

01 – Technology (Subterranean Homesick Alien)
02 – Automobiles (Killer Cars)
03 – The media (Myxomatosis)
04 – Insincerity (Fake Plastic Trees)
05 – Personal responsibilty (Just)
06 – Death, aging, suburban living (Street Spirt [Fade Out])
07 – Not dying in a plane crash (Lucky)
08 – Not dying in a car crash (Airbag)
09 – Tony Blair (You and Whose Army?)
10 – Having sex, watching films, getting the mail (Motion Picture
11 – Hypocrites who spy on him while he casually chats with a friend, although it’s entirely possible that the friend is, in fact, the same hypocrite who spies on him (Life in a Glasshouse)
12 – The coming Ice Age (Idioteque)
13 – Divorce (Morning Bell)
14 – Himself (Creep)

[thanks David]

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