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Rachmaninoff isn’t Radiohead, dude!

In an Almeda Times article on how to get more young listeners into classical music, Radiohead are mentioned:

…In fact, pop culture aficionados can be just as snobbish as any classical music fan ever was. Consider the band Radiohead, whose angsty and ornate music is accompanied by a solemn pretentiousness far surpassing many a classical ensemble. Radiohead is one of the most revered bands of the very hip. So no, those in thrall to the Strokes or Interpol are not being kept away from orchestral concerts by elitism. It is only the content of the music — the aesthetics — that differ.

Which brings up an inflammatory and un-PC question: Is one genre of art superior to another? I have no grudge against contemporary popular music (with the possible exception of Radiohead). It’s ephemerally and ironically fun at its best. But classical music at its best offers works that are dense with meaning, hard to immediately grasp and therefore more interesting for a longer time…

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