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The Darkness on Radiohead (again)

The Darkness have been talking about Radiohead again. This time a bit more positive. Darkness bassist Frankie Poullain in St. Petersburg Times: “It’s very important to entertain people. It’s what’s been missing. Nu-metal and angsty, miserable rock music is just like a horrible experience for people to have to stand in a crowd and watch that kind of music. You have someone like Radiohead who do it very well, and it’s thought-provoking and quite deep, and it’s good songs, and it’s crafted. But I’m talking about the post-grunge bands, people like Linkin Park and everything. It’s not real rock. It’s produced like pop music. There’s no vibe there. We try to entertain people on different levels. We rock them, and it’s kind of hard and heavy, powerful.”

On LiveDaily singer Justin Hawkins talks about succesful British bands: “There aren’t a lot of good English bands, I don’t think,” he said, following the pronouncement with an appropriately placed yawn. “Coldplay’s successful and they’re good, too. Radiohead is successful and they’re good. But Robbie Williams is s—. He hasn’t been so successful. It’s just the nature of the beast. Quality will shine through no matter what the country.” [thanks just radiohead]

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