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Fitter Happier Fred interview

Fred Cooper is the man whose voice speaks to Macintosh users everywhere. Many years ago, the first Macintosh said “Hello. I am Macintosh” with Fred’s voice. On you can hear and read an interview with Fred, which was also used for Radiohead’s ‘Fitter Happier’.

TidBITS: Did you ever expect that your voice would become so popular? I’ve heard it in other things, such as Radiohead’s song “Fitter, Happier,” and of course Stephen Hawking’s computerized voice.

Fred: The Radiohead thing was just a fluke. I spent maybe half an hour recording that, and at the time it made no sense. But when the song was mixed, it really came together. As for Dr. Hawking, I’m proud to have been the basis for his system. When I hear him speak, I don’t even hear myself any more, his ideas are so unique. But my wife likes to think that I’m the one talking about time and space occasionally.

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