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Q: OK Composer

Q magazine has a bit on Jonny assignment at the BBC entitled OK COMPOSER. Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood has been appointed composer-in-residence at the BBC. Imagine the fun he’ll have with some of the Beeb’s most famous theme tunes…

Theme: Eastenders
Before Jonny- Upbeat theme to the planet’s most depressing soap.
After Jonny- Reworked at one- third speed, with the addition of discordant cello and clarinet squaks, as a requiem for the destruction of the East End by Nazis in World War II and it’s subsequent Yuppie resurrection during the Thatcher years.

Theme: Only Fools And Horses
Before Jonny- Cheery Cock-er-nee knees-up by creator John Sullivan.
After Jonny- Resolute chipperness destroyed by unsettling tempo changes and new lyrics by Thom Yorke reflecting the fact that anyone selling a bit of tat in Peckham these days is likely to be a fully-qualified doctor from Somalia whose talents are wasted by brutal immigration rules.

Theme: The 10 O’Clock News
Before Jonny- Ominous mix of beats, pulses and bleeps that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Kid A.
After Jonny- Pretty much the same, except stretched out over a full 30 minutes in order to provide an appropriately discomforting soundtrack to the litany of horrors brought to us by Huw Edwards, Fiona Bruce and the bloke on the sports desk. [thanks Ed.]

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