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Futureheads on Radiohead

In today’s Guardian the Futureheads are interviewed: So this is what it’s like to feel old: sitting in a London pub listening to two young musicians recall such rites of passage as buying Blur and Oasis singles at the height of 1995’s chart war; playing Cigarettes and Alcohol at school concerts; having their worlds turned upside down by Thom Yorke and his friends. “Radiohead changed my life totally when I was a kid,” one of them says. “When I bought OK Computer, I thought I was so cool. I felt like I was suddenly a student, and Oasis was secondary-school music.” The over-30s might associate Paranoid Android and Subterranean Homesick Alien with the recent-ish past; for these people, living the high-velocity lives of early-twentysomethings, they are songs bound up with the dim and distant experiences of adolescence.

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