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Bjork on Radiohead

Bjork was interviewed by Mojo magazine. In the November issue Bjork talks about Radiohead when asked ‘What was the last concert you truly loved?

Bjork: “Peaches is pretty hot, right? I was lucky enough to have Peaches and Will Oldham tour with me last time so I saw them both. I saw Radiohead for the first time last year, I’d never been in the right country before. They were spectacular. But I keep wanting (starts laughing) to throw the guitars away! There are always these dank guitarists doing the last, “No, one more solo, please!” It’s morbid necrophilia to me. I still think they’re the best band in the world. And they’re the last people I should be criticising, at least they’re trying. But for me, it’s mostly Thom. I don’t know anybody like him, maybe Joni Mitchell, when there’s this depth. It’s like forever. Maybe he needs those guitars to struggle against. To keep those corpses alive!”

Thom seems to share your quest to keep progressing.

Bjork: “Totally. It’s a sonic thing, I listen to Massive Attack too, but I don’t understand that wall of sound they’re after. People say to me, “Hey, Phil Spector’s Wall Of Sound”, but to me, it sounds like a bad mistake in equipment. I really like spaces. And silences….”

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